Principal Islamic Wholesale Ringgit Malaysia Money Market Fund

The Fund seeks to provide liquidity and income by investing primarily in MYR-denominated money market instruments and deposits that conform to Shariah principles.

Investment Manager
Mohd Fadzil Mohamed
BSc (Hons), University of Aberystwyth
22 Years Industry Experience
Rina Izzati Raduan
MBA, International Islamic University Malaysia
14 Years Industry Experience
Sub-Investment Adviser
Patrick Chang, CFA
MSc Finance, City University Business School
25 Years Industry Experience
Wong Loke Chin
BCom, University of New South Wales
17 Years Industry Experience
Launch Date 31 October 2018
Fund Domicile Malaysia
Fund Index 1-month CIMB Islamic’s Fixed Return Income Account-i (FRIA-i)
Base Currency MYR
Minimum Investment RM1,000,000
Pricing Daily
Income Distribution Monthly
Bloomberg Ticker [TBC]
Fund ISIN Code Bloomberg Ticker
Ringgit Malaysia Wholesale Money Market Fund [TBC] [TBC]
Fund Details Ringgit Malaysia Wholesale Money Market Fund
Management Fee Up to 0.25% of the NAV of the Class