Global Sukuk Fund

General Information

The Global Sukuk Fund is part of the Principal Islamic Asset Management (Ireland) Plc range of Dublin-based Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (“UCITS”). All investments made by the Global Sukuk Fund will be in compliance with the Shariah Investment Guidelines. This UCITS Fund complies with the strict European regulatory standards that emphasise strong investor protection and robust risk management framework. 

The Fund seeks to maximise total return over the medium to long term through a combination of capital growth and income by investing in global Sukuk. The Fund invests primarily in a diversified portfolio of Shariah-compliant fixed income securities. All investments made by the Fund will be compliant with the Shariah Investment Guidelines.

Fund Details

Investment Manager
Mohd Fadzil Mohamed

BSc (Hons), University of Aberystwyth
24 Years Industry Experience

Elyzza Syazreen Zailan  
BSc degree in Actuarial Science (Distinction) from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA.
12 Years Industry Experience

Launch Date07-Sept-16
Fund DomicileIreland
UCITS QualifyingYes
Fund IndexDow Jones Sukuk Price Return
Base CurrencyUSD
Minimum Investment
A ClassR ClassI Class
US$ 1,000US$ 1,000US$ 1,000,000
Dealing10am Dublin / 5pm Hong Kong
Income DistributionAccumulated & Distribution
Bloomberg Ticker
A ClassI Class

Fund Codes

Fund/ClassISE SedolISIN
Global Sukuk Fund  
USD A Class Accumulation SharesBZBXG37IE00BZBXG372
USD I Class Accumulation SharesBZBXG93IE00BZBXG935
Euro A Class Accumulation SharesBZBXG59IE00BZBXG596
Euro I Class Accumulation SharesBZBXGC6IE00BZBXGC63
GBP I Class Accumulation Shares BZBXGF9 IE00BZBXGF94
GBP R Class Accumulation SharesBZBXGK4  IE00BZBXGK48
SGD A Class Accumulation SharesBZBXG71  IE00BZBXG711
SGD I Class Accumulation SharesBZBXGH1  IE00BZBXGH19
USD A Class Income Shares BZBXG48 IE00BZBXG489
USD I Class Income Shares BZBXGB5IE00BZBXGB56 
Euro A Class Income Shares BZBXG60IE00BZBXG604
Euro I Class Income SharesBZBXGD7 IE00BZBXGD70 
GBP R Class Income SharesBZBXGL5 IE00BZBXGL54 
GBP I Class Income Shares BZBXGG0IE00BZBXGG02 
SGD A Class Income SharesBZBXG82  IE00BZBXG828
SGD I Class Income Shares BZBXGJ3IE00BZBXGJ33 

Fund Fees

Fund DetailsA-ClassR-ClassI-Class
Initial ChargesUp to 5%--
Management Fees1.00%0.70%0.70%