Principal Islamic USA Property Fund

General Information

The Fund seeks to provide income by long term yield-oriented indirect investments in apartment buildings in the USA, through Murabahah transactions (on the basis of Wakalah), catered to the middle-income working-class population, while conforming to Shariah principles.

The Fund will invest up to 100% of its NAV indirectly in the Real Estate Portfolio through commodity Murabahah transactions (on the basis of Wakalah).

Fund Details

Investment Manager Principal Islamic Asset Management Sdn Bhd
Initial Offer Date 18 March 2021
Offer Period 31 July 2022
Fund Domicile Malaysia
Base Currency USD
Minimum Investment USD10,000,000
Income Distribution Quarterly


Fund Codes

ISIN Code Bloomberg Ticker


Fund Fees

Management Fee Up to 0.3% per annum of the Fund’s NAV
Property Asset Management Fee Up to 0.7% per annum of the Fund’s NAV


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